Md. Aminul Islam, 1st Batch Evening MBA Program

Md. Aminul Islam, 1st Batch Evening MBA Program

I have completed my BBA degree from North South University, Dhaka. Due to job and family purposes I am in Chittagong. I was looking for a better institute in Chittagong to complete my MBA degree but I did not find any better institute in Chittagong. At last I took decision to go to Dhaka to start my MBA program but fortunately I heard that the University of Chittagong was going to start an MBA program in Chittagong city. Then I collected information about the MBA program and got admitted to this program as a student of 1st batch.

CBS campus life is going to be completely different from the nutshell life of our others institute. We will have a lot of freedom to pursue activities outside our studies. Studies are very important, but getting involved in societies, activities and things that you are passionate about will shape our personality for the rest of our life. I can assure all of you that you will meet more varieties of people from different professional backgrounds in our campus than any other business schools in the city and thus CBS will provide us a great platform for future. I believe that our faculty members are dedicated to helping us to develop our different skills.
1 expect that the students of CUCBA will try their best to take the fullest advantage of this institute, by freely interacting with teachers and officials of CUCBA which has already become their chosen institution of higher learning.
May Allah help us all.


Md. Aminul Islam
ID# 1201036
1st Batch Evening MBA Program
Chittagong University Center for Business Administration,
FBA University of Chittagong