Message from Dean

The Chittagong University Center for Business Administration (CUCBA), a center of Faculty of Business Administration University of Chittagong, started its academic journey on April’09, 2012 with the vision of providing business education of international standard and preparing its student with proper knowledge and skills to perform successfully as business professionals in the national and global platform. The CUCBA is still in a preliminary stage to judge its success but the academic record so far shows that the curriculum are very appropriate in the present business-market scenario and also relevant to meet the demand in the context of present competitive national and global business environment.

In today’s globalized world, human resource plays a key role for economic development in any economy I believe the MBA Program launched by CUCBA is the bold step toward HRD efforts for combating challenges of the 21st century. I personally believe that the CUCBA will be able to reduce the existing gap between the knowledge transferred by business schools and the knowledge demanded by the business enterprises through designing curriculum based on the current business trends.

MBA Program of CUCBA is designed to be accessible to students with various academic backgrounds and needs. I would like to invite you to join us and participate in making CUCBA a Center of Excellence. I hope the information in this prospectus will help you to understand and appreciate the CUCBA more deeply.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the dreamers of creation of this Center who contributed to expand its horizon by running MBA Program. I particularly congratulate my colleagues who attached with the CUCBA from the very beginning of its journey and worked hard to bring this Center to its present status. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Professor Md. Anwarul Azim Arif, honorable Vice-Chancellor of University of Chittagong, honorable member of Academic Council and syndicate, successive Deans of the Faculty of Business Administration, members of the Board of Governors and distinguished faculty members for providing necessary suggestions and guidance to successfully run the activities of CUCBA.

I firmly believe that the CUCBA will continuously improve its image through high performance in its academic Program and earn good reputation in South – East Asia. Finally, I aspire that our every thoughtful step and positive endeavor meet success in future.
Thanks most heartily for your interest in the CUCBA.

May Almighty Allah bless all of us.

Professor S.M. Salamat Ullah Bhuiyan
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration and
Vice-Chairman, BoG, CUCBA,
Faculty of Business Administration
University of Chittagong